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We help our clients grow their construction businesses faster by providing access to our proven industry services under one umbrella organization.


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We’re a unique service

We help small business general contractors leap over the common barriers to growth by providing the key professional services your company needs to succeed. 

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What We Do

At Bold Concepts we offer our small business construction clients enhanced bonding, operations assistance, labor resources, and direct sales. 


Many new clients experience 2 to 3-fold increases in their overall bonding program within the first year.

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Bold Concepts can provide access to complete accounting, job-costing, payroll, IT, compliance and unforeseen special projects.
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Leasing / Locating

Bold Concepts maintains a resource pool of personnel seasoned specifically in Federal construction.
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Direct Sales

Bold Concepts has been marketing to the Federal Government for over 25 years. We can help navigate the federal sales process.
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Our Approach

Since 1989, we have helped many small business construction companies win more than 500 contracts worth close to a billion dollars, and have assisted our clients in creating sustainable growth models

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Our Insights

Bold Concepts provides comprehensive, federal construction support services for non-tribal and tribal organizations.


Know the 4 Main Barriers to Growth in Federal 8(a) Construction

Hear from Bold Concepts’ CEO, Kevin Wimsatt, regarding the misconceptions within 8(a) Federal construction and how you can maximize your opportunities.


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Tribally Owned Business Case Study

Four Tribes Construction Services secures bigger contracts with increased bonding capacity.

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8(a) Small Business Case Study

G. Bailey boosts Government construction bids through increased bonding.

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