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2020 New SBA Small Business Regulations - Part 2

How will the new regulations reshape the Federal construction environment? Challenges to geographic growth, ease of developing joint ventures, and increased importance of subcontractor relationships are three key takeaways your firm must adjust to in the coming years.

Investment in and strategic placement of bona fide offices will determine not only the competitive 8(a) pool in your market but now will determine who can receive a sole-source project in your market. This new regulation will be a boon to the local bona fide companies as only competitors with a bona fide office in the right county, Metropolitan Statistical Area, or SBA District where the project is located will be eligible to receive a sole-source project.

SBA has now ruled that contracting officers consider the capabilities and past performance of first-tier subcontractors. Accordingly, identifying and attracting the most qualified first-tier subcontractors will be a key component in the acceleration of prime contractor capabilities. Start building and strengthening relationships in your territory now as their experience and capabilities may be the difference between the government selecting your firm over your competition.

Be smart, do your research, and remember that the early adapters get the contracts! Adapt now and be BOLD!


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