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Bold Concepts Turns 30!

Bold Concepts is celebrating 30 years of creativity and innovation – highlighting the unique individuals who make us successful! We believe that our innovative approach for growth comes from the diverse experiences and backgrounds of our team.

Bold Concepts began in 1989 as a way to gain knowledge obtained by those individuals who were participants in the Federal Small Business 8(a) program and to impart that knowledge to multiple entities needing assistance.  This knowledge base that Bold Concepts has developed has helped newer 8(a) construction clients meet or exceed their expectations of success.

The 8(a) program, however, has a time component; when the clock starts, there’s a really steep instructive and learning process.  Everything from the unique regulations and compliance, to how to apply your knowledge of construction in the Federal marketplace, to learning the ins and outs of marketing to the Federal Government.  Bold Concepts exists because we are like a guide; we know the 8(a) environment; we understand and help clients avoid the common pitfalls and traps new firms typically fall into, and we guide them over and through hurdles that have prevented other firms from meeting their goals. We are a collective knowledge base; every year with our knowledge and experience, we help firms plan for and overcome barriers that previous clients once experienced.

Small businesses are an essential part of our communities and the Federal Industrial Base. That's why Bold Concepts is proud to guide our small business clients throughout all phases of the Federal Small Business 8(a) program and beyond. We help small business construction companies accelerate growth, mitigate risk, increase their exposure, and become more attractive teaming partners.

"After 30 years of business, it's inevitable that our program model and goals have evolved over time. A focal point at Bold Concepts is responsibly scaling our business offerings so we can offer many of our services to a broad range and larger number of Federal construction businesses. As the need for guidance and the opportunities for construction work with the Federal government are growing, Bold Concepts must continue to be prepared to serve this ever-expanding market. Our goal for the near and distant future is to work hard to maintain the scope and quality of services we currently provide, work seamlessly with our current and future resource team members, and leverage our collective knowledge base in an effort to meet the expanding need for guidance and services within the Small Business Federal construction community." – Kevin Wimsatt, Principal, Bold Concepts



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