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Client Development: Strategic Guidance for Successful Growth

The only successful growth is sustainable growth.

So when it comes to growing your Federal construction business, your success shouldn’t be defined by a single revenue goal — it should be defined at every stage of your growth journey. This will lay a sustainable foundation that can support your current and future objectives.

 At Bold Concepts, our client development approach is based on this belief.

 We realize it’s difficult to know what your journey should look like and how to measure your own success along the way — especially when you’re less experienced in the Federal construction market. With over 30 years’ experience in this market, Bold Concepts has developed a program that will place you on the path for success from the beginning. Our experts provide continuous guidance that will enable you to establish and meet strategic goals at each critical stage of growth.  

 Our program will empower you to…

 Assess your readiness to grow.

Before you even join our program, we ask questions to determine whether it’s a fit for you at this time. We start with our Business Assessment Survey. This comprehensive questionnaire gives you a chance to tell us everything we need to know about your readiness for growth — including your finances, structure, business practices, and more. From there, we can identify your specific strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable guidance for improvement. Alternatively, we can determine a different course of action if the timing is not right to move forward in the program.

Set and manage expectations.
From the start of the program, we’ll meet with you to discuss your business plan. Once we understand your goals and the level of effort it will take to achieve them, we help you to map a realistic path to move forward. This involves preparing you for the changes we recommend — whether it’s acquiring a new accounting platform, refining a business development approach, or developing more effective negotiation tactics. We’ll walk you through sample scenarios with bonding companies and government customers so you will know what to expect — and what will be expected of you. This will result in a sustainable and successful approach throughout your growth journey.

 Establish roles and responsibilities.

Bold Concepts will help you clearly define and responsibly delegate who will handle the critical functions of your operation as you navigate the common challenges of rapid growth. This will involve establishing detailed and frequent reporting, which is crucial to anticipating the workload and maintaining accountability. Successfully managing your current and future projects from start to finish will result in profitable growth and repeat business from your Federal customer. If your small business doesn’t currently have the resources, Bold Concepts can provide interim resources until you decide you can fill that role internally.

 Additionally, we’ll help you focus on the necessary target markets and structural changes, with the aim of maximizing your opportunity window and profit while mitigating risks commonly associated with rapid growth.

 Anticipate issues and add value.

We groom our clients to be proactive when working with the government. For major prospective projects, Bold Concepts will share risk mitigation techniques to help you anticipate potential issues, plan accordingly, and communicate any special caveats to the government customer. At the same time, we’ll show you how to understand contract clauses and assess contract scope in advance. This will help ensure the work you agree to will meet the government’s needs and result in repeat business. In addition, we’ll guide you in proposing ways to partner with the government to best maximize value to the project.

 Identify your work types.

Together, we’ll define the types of work you can expect to receive and are prepared to perform. This will allow us to assess if your currently defined target market will support your growth goals in your geographic area. This may involve adding or changing NAICS codes, bona fide office submissions, or acquisition of resources in order to qualify you for the expansion and sustained growth within your target market. We’ll help you take inventory of your experience and resources to identify how they translate to other types of work. Our goal is to make sure you have the capacity and confidence to cast a wider net that is capable of supporting your growth goals.

 Establish the right structure.
It’s important that your company is properly structured for the industry and projects you’re pursuing. This is key to maximizing your financial return and retaining the profit you have worked so hard to earn.

 Bold Concepts will help you verify that all the necessary people, processes, tools, licenses, and insurances are in place to support the work.

 Continually benchmark and review.
Our program is built on continuous improvement. At every stage, we’ll work with you to benchmark and review your progress and recommend refinements as needed.

Give feedback at every stage.
Collaboration is key to your success in our program. As your trusted advisor, we encourage you to ask questions and offer feedback at every step. The closer we communicate, the more effective our program will be.

 If you’re interested in guidance for growing your Federal construction business, take our Business Assessment Survey to get started.