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Following Up Leads to High Conversions

Bold Concepts recently exhibited at the National 8(a) Conference in Nashville, TN.  A conference is always helpful because it brings liked-minded people together regardless of industry; and for the National 8(a), the main focus is to concentrate on small businesses whether partnering with larger firms or my favorite—partnering with other small businesses.

I think there is a lot of benefit with small businesses partnering with other small businesses.  There is usually a shared understanding about the general follow-up on issues and opportunities, costs, and the importance of building relationships.  Here at Bold Concepts, our senior staff has over 30 years of construction experience in the Federal marketplace.  If you had the opportunity to visit us during the National 8(a) Conference, you most likely found that we’re happy to speak with just about anyone.  We value helping individuals maintain their small businesses whether the business is in the construction industry or not. 

We’ve found over the years that helping people goes a long way, besides some of our team is comprised of individuals who were once owners of 8(a) businesses themselves.  We’re more interested in hearing your story--How you got started and what made you endure, but most importantly, we’re interested in helping you succeed.  The Federal Small Business Program is a lot to navigate especially when you’re just getting started and who are we kidding, even when you’ve been around for a while.  Sometimes having an ear to listen when trying to juggle all of the new and changing 8(a) rules and regulations with the FAR can be helpful and somewhat of a self-check.  Additionally, just being able to share our best practices regarding construction industry do’s and don’ts can be helpful in so many ways. 

We can help avoid some of the pitfalls we’ve encountered over the years.  As the Marketing Director for Bold Concepts, I believe it’s extremely important to follow up with each and every person you meet at a tradeshow event.  You never know where your due diligence might take you.  Whether you’re sending a marketing email or a personal email or note, just do it.  It will go a long way.  Contact us today to learn more about Bold Concepts or about navigating Federal Small Business construction.


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