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At Bold Concepts, our approach to helping small businesses grow their construction businesses faster is a collaborative path where we listen to your needs and goals and work with you to create a successful strategy based on our industry expertise. Since 1989, we have helped many small business construction companies win more than 5000 contracts worth over a billion dollars. We have assisted in helping our clients create and fulfill their unique sustainable growth models to meet their long-term goals.


Open Discussion

Once a prospective client expresses interest in utilizing Bold Concepts' shared services we initially engage in an introductory discussion to better understand their unique qualities and help determine if our program can assist them in achieving their goals. We gain an understanding of our client’s strengths, weaknesses, and core competencies.


Due Diligence

We will then perform a due diligence review to ensure an optimal program plan for your success. The first step is to sign the Bold Concepts Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to allow the free flow of information between Bold Concepts and our prospective client. This will be followed by the signing of a Consulting Service Agreement which includes Due Diligence information committing both parties to the integrity and fulfillment of the entire client-specific process.

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Our business relationships are anchored in trust, honesty, and transparency. These qualities are the cornerstone for an optimal customer program and the ultimate achievement of our customer’s business goals. Once the Due Diligence process is complete, it will then be determined whether both parties desire to move forward with the scope of services desired, which will then be followed by the proposal and signing of the Master Agreements.

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The Onboarding process would then occur within a specified amount of time and includes a focused commitment from both parties. Participation in our shared services program would then commence once the Onboarding process is complete.

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We would like to hear more about your organization to help you grow your construction business faster and reach your sustainable goals quicker.

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