Bonding Enhancement

Participation in the Bold Concepts’ “Enhanced Bonding Program” allows your business to maximize growth potential by lowering the barriers to a substantial increase in your bonding program. Many new clients experience two and three-fold increases in their overall bonding program once qualified.


Operations Platform Development

Access to proven Accounting and Operations platforms as well as Strategic Planning tools facilitating the planning and rapid growth of the vision you have for your business.


Leasing / Locating Personnel Resources

Bold maintains a staff of seasoned personnel trained specifically in running and overseeing Federal construction projects. Many Small Businesses must conserve capital thus inhibiting investment in top-quality personnel. Leasing personnel through Bold Concepts allows for experienced personnel to be acquired with all costs allocated to a specific project. The time in-between projects is not absorbed by the small business, thus enabling them to retain a stronger cash position.

Bold Concepts employs a dedicated human resources department with decades of experience recruiting the best personnel in the construction industry. Having staffed projects throughout the country and beyond, we can help you quickly staff any project that is awarded.


Direct Sales

Our Marketing Team has over 25 years’ experience developing capture plans in Federal Markets and increasing our client’s exposure. We can help you navigate the Federal sales process from initial meeting to contract signing. Through the Bold Federal Marketing Channels, we give you direct access to established Federal decision makers.