Bold Concepts provides comprehensive, Federal construction support services for non-tribal and tribal organizations. With over 30 years of experience within the Federal construction market and over 15 years of experience within Indian Country, Bold Concepts is familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities regarding Indian Country within the Federal construction market. Bold Concepts' personnel have extensive tribal economic development experience and can assist with strategic planning and proper business formation to maximize your opportunity within the Federal market such as:


  • Maximize tax and insurance benefit opportunities
  • Clarity and proper separation of operational division function
  • Compliance with Federal and SBA guidelines over multiple entities and generations
  • Strategies and planning for long term and meaningful tribal member participation
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Bold Concepts has developed programs to facilitate the accelerated growth of your Federal construction program:

Adequate Bonding Capacity

  • Programs to satisfy the accelerated growth
  • Multiple construction entities
  • Various capabilities

Available Resources to Support a Nationwide Program of Growth

  • Access to experienced personnel throughout all CONUS Federal regions
  • Access to proven subcontractor bases
  • Access to strategic personnel with decades of Federal construction experience

Nationwide Business Development and Marketing Assistance

  • Marketing plans
  • Primary or supplemental business development support
  • Brand development and management

Construction Specific Operational Reporting Platform

  • Robust accounting platform to handle multiple construction entities
  • Job tracking system that integrates the field with accounting
  • Dashboard of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for executive leadership

Risk Mitigation Program

  • Bid/no bid decisions
  • Subcontractor selection criteria
  • Customer Intelligence

Federal 8(a) construction is a billion-dollar market and can provide a consistent stream of revenue to the tribe. Our approach to business is collaborative in nature and we look forward to the opportunity to assist your tribe with meeting its generational goals for positive economic impact from the Federal construction market. To learn more about how Bold Concepts can assist your tribal organization, contact us today.

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