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Bold Concepts can provide access to complete accounting, job costing, payroll, IT, compliance and special projects on behalf of your company at a competitive cost.

The Executive Team at Bold Concepts has over 30 years of experience within the Federal construction industry. Our strategic services assist you with properly navigating the Federal construction space, implementing proper risk mitigation techniques to ultimately create a more profitable and effective business.

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Accounting and Field Auditing

We maintain GAAP and FASB accounting and directly interface on your behalf with your CPA for annual audits and tax compliance. We develop the platform to produce and track timely accounting reports that identify key business indicators, allowing you to make necessary strategic decisions while simultaneously focusing on the management and growth of your business.

Managing an ever-increasing number of projects and monitoring employee effectiveness are key to profits and repeat business. Bold Concepts will leverage decades of experience to develop and implement true job-cost accounting to include billing, phase and task maintenance, burden maintenance, WIP reporting, direct interface with accounts payable and receivable, fade/gain analysis and other sophisticated job-cost reporting, and administrative oversight of the construction process from award to completion.

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As you expand the number of employees and the geographic growth of your business, we can seamlessly support your complete payroll accounting to include union and certified payrolls, provide federal/state/local tax compliance in all locations, provide quarterly and annual tax compliance, implement necessary policies and procedures, and provide robust payroll reports and labor utilization analysis.

Information Technology and Compliance

We provide and maintain server space for the aggregation of your file storage needs. Bold Concepts can also provide and maintain access to its Microsoft Exchange© e-mail server. With respect to server space and e-mail, we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure uptime and connectivity.

We will also monitor/assist our clients with respect to federal, state, and local laws and regulations including those relating to participation in the various small business programs.

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Hear What Other Small Businesses Have Said About Bold Concepts

"The people at Bold are experts assisting you with maximizing your negotiation position by offering over 30 years of perspective. Knowing Federal expectations and limitations will allow you to justify your pricing. Their insight and perspective allows you to make significantly more money than you would on your own."
Gary Bailey, Owner, G Bailey Company

Know the 4 Main Barriers to Growth in Federal 8(a) Construction

Hear from Bold Concepts’ CEO, Kevin Wimsatt, regarding the misconceptions within 8(a) Federal construction and how you can maximize your opportunities.


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Woman-Owned 8(a) Case Study

GCC expands its revenue and capacity with enhanced bonding.

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8(a) Small Business Case Study

G. Bailey boosts Government construction bids through increased bonding.

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