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Participation in Bold Concepts’ enhanced bonding program via ACTIVBonding allows your business to maximize growth potential by lowering the barriers to a substantial increase in your bonding program. Clients experience two to three-fold increases in their overall bonding program once qualified.

Our bonding program leverages:

  • 30+ year proven construction system
  • Strong relationship with one of the nation’s largest construction bonding companies
  • Co-indemnify bonds


Bold Concepts helps you navigate the key questions bonding companies need to know about your company, thus ensuring that they feel confident in your business, aptitude, and financial astuteness.




We provide trusted financial information and job status reports. This includes providing updates on your company, such as shifts in management and expansion into new markets or specialties. We course-correct difficult projects before they present challenges to your surety.




Bold Concepts provides resources such as bookkeeping, estimating, project management, and a sales staff who know the ins and outs of the Federal construction industry. We can work seamlessly with your existing team or help you develop a new one.


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"The people at Bold are experts assisting you with maximizing your negotiation position by offering over 30 years of perspective. Knowing Federal expectations and limitations will allow you to justify your pricing. Their insight and perspective allows you to make significantly more money than you would on your own."
Gary Bailey, Owner, G Bailey Company

Know the 4 Main Barriers to Growth in Federal 8(a) Construction

Hear from Bold Concepts’ CEO, Kevin Wimsatt, regarding the misconceptions within 8(a) Federal construction and how you can maximize your opportunities.


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Woman-Owned 8(a) Case Study

GCC expands its revenue and capacity with enhanced bonding.

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8(a) Small Business Case Study

G. Bailey boosts Government construction bids through increased bonding.

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